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"Amy-Noelle exemplifies what it means to be a guide to one’s higher evolution and deeper truth. She is an expert in helping individuals find their authentic voice and uncover their highest potential. She is a blessing to anyone she works with."

- Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Clinical Psychologist, New York Times Best Selling Author, Recurring Guest on Oprah

 Hi, I'm Amy-Noelle Shih. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Relationship Therapist. I specialize in relationship dynamics and personal development, and I have over 10 years of clinical experience in helping individuals and couples grow into the fullness of their potential.

How I Can Help You

My clients seek out my marriage counseling, life coaching or therapy services because they find themselves repeating a dance that is not in sync with their deepest desires for their lives or their relationships. This misalignment is often experienced in various settings (career, relationship, or self-concept) and can show up as stress and anxiety about the way things are going.

It can help to have an experienced professional—a seasoned ‘relationship connector’—who is able to see patterns relationally, objectively, and non-judgmentally. I am passionate about helping you find your authentic voice, and feel empowered.

I consider myself to be an ‘inner truth connector.’ I can help you look beyond the stories and see where there is unprocessed emotional pain—perhaps a loss of a dream. Then we can work together to help you build a life and a relationship that is closer to what you truly want.

My Approach to Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy

In Couples Therapy, partners have an opportunity to bring greater understanding to the unique stories that they each bring to their relationship “flow.” A focus on growing both individually and together—wholehearted loving—becomes the cornerstone for couples work.

I use the Gottman Method and also draw from Ester Perel’s work, which integrates psychodynamic, attachment, and systemic theories, as well as body-oriented and mindful therapy approaches.

Many of the couples that I have worked with have expressed that they have been able to experience a much deeper connection with their partner through gaining a greater awareness and understanding of their unique relationship dance—which, often, can encompass unhealthy relationship patterns, individual sensitivities and also interpersonal wounds, as well as a history of un-serving beliefs.

Couples therapy can help if you would like to learn how to:

  • Experience a deeper connection with your partner
  • Create more intimacy
  • Engage in loving, respectful communication
  • Heal past hurts
  • Build trust
  • Allow understanding
  • Strengthen the vision for your relationship
  • Attune to one another’s deeper needs
  • Regulate the cycle of conflict and disappointment
  • Recover from infidelity
  • Honor one another’s life dreams
  • Feel empowered and aligned with your values
  • Work through major differences
  • Get clarity if considering separation or divorce
  • Consciously uncouple

My Approach to Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is a place where you can explore, in a safe space, without the fear of judgment, your anxieties and worries, in order to move past them and into an emotional reality of your own creation. In the presence of a trusted professional, you can learn how to remove the blocks to the truest expression of yourself.

Many of my clients have expressed that they have been able to feel more “authentic,” live by their values, access more readily their inner knowing—inner wisdom—connect with their life purpose, and, hence, experience greater joy.

Individual therapy can help if you would like to learn how to:

  • Feel more connected in all your relationships
  • Be positively empowered
  • Explore un-serving beliefs
  • Move beyond hurt, anger, guilt and shame
  • Rise above anxiety and/or depression
  • Discover meaningful work
  • Align with your purpose
  • Beat anger
  • Navigate difficult challenges
  • Live by life-affirming values
  • Make conscious, positive, growth-directed choices
  • Cope with loss
  • Experience greater joy

I offer my clients a “practical meets more” approach to designing the life they love. I show my clients how to step into their life-affirming values—what I like to call Power-Truth® values—and unlock their highest potential. As your therapist, I can help you consider yourself as a whole person through a holistic lens, drawing primarily from Mindful Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy and Positive Psychology.

My approach to therapy is highly collaborative, with an empathic, positive directness.

My Approach to Life Coaching

I also provide Life Coaching to clients who are looking for specific ways—strategies and tools— to attain their desired goals.

Here’s what you can get from life coaching with me:

    • The tools to extract and transform bogged down ways of being that are not propelling you forward and moving you toward your ‘passion-goals.’
    • The tools to approach life with powerful ‘yes energy’ — yes to expanding and yes to readying yourself for something different if change is what’s needed.
    • The tools to deliberately and consciously disrupt old patterns, so that you stop suffering needlessly.
    • The tools to access your signature rhythm and establish an authentic dance with life—that is uniquely your own.
    • The tools to become your most loyal ‘pain-pal’ so that you learn to hear the plea beneath the discomfort.
    • The tools to redirect negative thoughts and manifest—‘thinkafest’— your deepest desires.
    • The tools to level-up to your most powerful self and live a Power-Truth® life.
    • The tools to begin intuiting your calling—your inherent “power tool” — rather than deciding your place in the world. This is how you can make consistent ‘heart-choices.’
    • The tools to hold your story in the highest room—where narratives hold the power to become your true wishes actualized.

What I know for sure:

You do not have to be “whole” to be deserving of

      • a fulfilling partner
      • a fulfilling job
      • a fulfilling life

You only have to be “willing” to reclaim your most powerful self by taking one conscious step, then another, and another—to dance with life intentionally.


  Power Truth 

In addition to my work providing private counseling and coaching sessions with Growing Self I am also the founder of power-truth.® Here's a bit about my power-truth philosophy:

 Are you aware of how much power you have? The truth is you have already seen what your power can do. If you’ve…

  • had a panic attack;
  • said yes to energy zappers;
  • stayed at unfulfilling jobs keeping you playing small;
  • kept toxic people around and felt joyless; or
  • found yourself reacting to life, and things only got worse…

You’ve seen what your power can do

The question to ask yourself is: Have you seen what you want your power to do?

What if your power could…

  • create trust in yourself;
  • intuit the next right move;
  • release fear;
  • free you completely.

This starts with telling what I call a *truer* story. Click here to read my truer story – my power-truth story. The truer story is a portal to your true power. I call this your power-truth. What if you started embracing yours? Reclaiming your most powerful self often means taking one conscious step, then another, and another – to intentionally dance with life. 

Through power-truth I offer a variety of courses, workshops, and virtual retreats. You can learn more about upcoming events here:

If you would like to meet with me individually, I invite you to schedule a free consultation meeting with me through Growing Self. We can get to know each other, talk about your hopes and goals, and how I can help.

About Me

Before establishing my psychology career, I spent over 10 years working in marketing, publication, and event production, 4 years of which were overseas. The greatest insight that I have gained from working with people from diverse backgrounds is that we all share an inherent desire to express our signature brilliance and honor our deep inner calling.

Education and Training

I received my Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Psychology with a counseling specialization from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. I am a TX State Licensed Professional Counselor (license number: 67978). Although I am not a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I have received extensive post-graduate training and experience in evidence-based approaches to couples counseling, including The Gottman Method of Couples Therapy. Additionally, I have training in Mindful Therapy, Positive Psychology, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.


Although I am well-versed in various therapeutic techniques and will integrate different therapy approaches based on clients’ individual needs, I will likely primarily draw from my core training, mentioned above, in most of our work together.


I love writing poetry, and I’ve been told that I write “poetic-music,” though I’m not exactly sure what this means. ☺

I absolutely love catching the 4 am, which, for me, is my most creative-productive hour.

Being around water nourishes my soul!

I look forward to connecting with you either in-person at my office in Houston, Texas, or through online video. Schedule your free consultation with me, and let's get started.

Amy-Noelle has been endorsed by Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Clinical Psychologist, New York Times Best Selling Author, Recurring Guest on Oprah.


I found Amy-Noelle after being hit by an emotional bus — unexpected, incredibly painful. She helped me hold steady while I pieced my life back together. She never failed to impress me with her rare combination of warmth, kindness, insight, and sensitivity to the issues I was facing – all without judgment. She has an amazing way of listening and drawing out information that helps identify viable solutions to whatever challenges may be in the way. She also provides insight and information that helped expand my thinking. So many times after spending time with her I felt calm and uplifted. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking a counselor/coach/therapist.

- Leanne (Happy Client)


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