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Questions About Dating Coaching: Who's “The Best” Dating Coach?

If you've browsed online for a dating coach to help you on your journey towards love, you know that you have many, many options. Connecting with the right dating coach can be nearly as hard as dating itself! However, taking the time to find the very best dating coach for you can make the difference between your success in dating (not to mention your personal growth) and continuing to struggle in frustration.

The Best Dating Coach is All About YOU.

At Growing Self we have a variety of ways of helping you connect with the best dating coach for you. For starters, we are well aware that research into counseling and coaching outcomes consistently shows that the number one predictor of whether your work will be successful or not is the quality of the relationship you have with your counselor or coach. You need to feel safe, comfortable and understood by the person you're working with in order to have the sort of honest, trusting relationship that will help you move forward. To achieve that, we offer a free consultation session with the dating coach of your choice so that you can make sure it's a good fit before deciding to move forward.

Beyond that, the very best dating coach for you will help you understand yourself. We never use a “cookie cutter” approach to dating coaching, because you are not a cookie. You are a one-of-a-kind person, with an entirely unique set of life experiences, hopes, dreams, characteristics, strengths, and growth opportunities. There has never been anyone like you, and the relationship that you're looking for will be one-of-a-kind as well. That means that your obstacles and your success strategies are going to be unique, too.

The best dating coach will sit with you and help you uncover things about yourself that you didn't know before. You'll then have the chance to experiment with different approaches to dating that will get you better results, all based on who you are and what you want. Our approach is thoughtful and always tailored to you.


Answers to Your Dating Coaching Questions

How Does Dating Coaching Work?

Wondering how, exactly, a professional online dating coach can help you get different results? It starts with a journey of self-discovery, where you learn more about yourself and the previously unknown obstacles that have been getting in the way of your success. Armed with that knowledge, you can then work with your coach to try new, more effective strategies.

How Much Does a Dating Coach Cost?

If you're considering dating coaching, an understandable question is how much dating coaching costs. First, it's helpful to understand the true value that expert dating coaching can bring to your life. At Growing Self, expert dating coaching is also as affordable as it is meaningful and effective. Learn more about our rates for dating coaching (and whether you can use your insurance!)

Do I Really Need a Dating Coach?

Wondering why you should enlist the support of a personal dating coach, or keep working at things on your own? Here are a few thought provoking questions to help you determine if you could benefit from working with a professional dating coach, or if you're already heading in the right direction.

What to Expect in Your Free Dating Coaching Consultation

If you've never done any type of coaching before, you might be a little nervous about what to expect in your very first meeting. Learn more about what types of questions your dating coach will ask, and how your consultation meeting will unfold...

Meet Some Of Our Dating Coaches

Markie Keelan, M.A., LPCC, CSPC

Markie Keelan, M.A., LPCC, CSPC

Dynamic Life, Career & Dating Coach

Markie is a Master's level coach with a positive, compassionate attitude towards personal growth. She has years of experience in helping people create real and lasting change in their lives and performing at the highest level of their potential. Listen to Markie's great dating advice on the "New Rules For Dating" podcast with Dr. Helen Fisher.

Jessica Small, M.A., LMFT

Jessica Small, M.A., LMFT

Dating and Relationship Coach



Jessica is a dating coach, as well as a licensed marriage and family therapist, with many years of experience in helping people create happy, healthy, and authentic relationships. She has extensive experience in helping people create healthy relationships, and can help you get self-awareness, clarity, confidence, and empowerment to connect with your soul-mate.



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