Questions About Counseling or Life Coaching in Denver?

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Questions About Therapy, Coaching, Marriage Counseling in Denver

Why We Offer a Free Consultation

Many practices only offer a 15 minute phone consultation with a therapist (if that). Why is our free consultation session so generous? It's because choosing the right coach or therapist is a big decision, and it's important for you to feel good about who you're working with. Plus, research consistently shows that the number-one factor leading to success in therapy is the quality of the relationship between counselor and client.

That's why we offer a free, 30 minute, in-person consultation session. Schedule yours today so we can get to know each other, talk about your hopes for our work together, and make sure it's a good fit before moving forward. Click here to schedule now through our online calendar, or call 720-370-1800 for personal assistance in scheduling. We answer 24/7.

Good Therapy is Priceless. It's Also Affordable

How much does good therapy cost? On the one hand, it's invaluable: Enlisting the help of an expert during a “fork in the road” moment is an investment in yourself, your marriage, your family, and your future. The value of good therapy transcends money — having love, happiness and success in your life is worth far more than your couch, your vacation or your car.

However, while changing the trajectory of your life is genuinely priceless, we also understand that expense is a real concern for many families. That's why we strive to keep good therapy affordable, and within the reach of everyone.  Learn more about our rates, and how we help our clients use their insurance benefits to pay for counseling.

Let's Meet at Your Place: Online Therapy

Many of our busy clients take advantage of our online therapy option. Meeting online through Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts allows you to meet with your therapist or coach from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office. You'll have exactly the same face-to-face experience, but without the driving, parking and general hassle. This is an especially convenient option for our clients who travel for business or who have young families. Imagine: Marriage counseling, in your living room, while the kids are asleep. Schedule your free consultation session online, to try it out. Click here to learn more about how to get started with online therapy or life coaching. 

Real Results: Evidence-Based Therapy & Coaching

At Growing Self Counseling & Life Coaching, all the strategies we use to help our clients are ones that have been shown by scientific research to be the most effective way to get the results you're looking for.  Whether you're looking to feel better emotionally, make positive changes in your life, or improve your marriage, our strategies represent the gold standard. Learn more about the evidence-based techniques we use, and how they can help you get the results you want.

Emergency Resources

A mandatory pre-requisite for growth and self-improvement is basic safety and security. If you are fundamentally not safe with the people around you, if you are not safe within yourself (thinking of harming yourself or are actively injuring yourself through addiction), if your children are not safe, or you do not have access to basic needs such as food and shelter, now is not a “growing time.” Now, you must focus on creating safety. Contact one of the emergency resources provided here for immediate help.


More Questions? Get Answers.

Start Your Journey Today

If you have additional questions about what working with us will look like for you given the specific circumstances of your situation, you can get your answers in person. Schedule your free consultation meeting with the therapist or coach of your choice, and meet at our Cherry Creek Office, our Westminster Office, or try Online Therapy through Skype, Google Hangouts, or FaceTime for Mac. You can schedule online right now, or by calling (720) 370-1800, anytime. (We answer 24/7).

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Whether we met in person or online… You created a positive and encouraging environment where I began to release overwhelming feelings, and discover how to create happiness for myself.

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