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Chelsea Twiss, PhD, LP-C

Connection, Creativity & Growth

Fort Collins Couples Therapist | Fort Collins Marriage Counselor | Fort Collins Premarital Counselor | Fort Collins Sex Therapy | Fort Collins Dating Coach | Fort Collins Breakup and Divorce Recovery

Hello! My name is Chelsea. Throughout my life, I’ve always seen healthy relationships and connection with others as central to happiness and wellbeing. As a couples counselor, individual therapist and life coach I greatly enjoy working with couples and individuals to help improve relationships in all areas of life.  I can also help you get more connected with yourself and your personal strengths so that you feel more confident and hopeful about your life as well as your relationships.

For Couples

I’m passionate about helping couples work through their issues so that they can feel happy, cared for, and satisfied in their relationships. I have specialized training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. I can help you both understand yourselves, and each other, so that you can create new, positive ways of relating instead of getting stuck in old patterns.

I feel that it’s helpful to look at the relationship strategies you learned in your family growing up, and how those may be playing out in your current relationship — for better or for worse. I can help you talk about important things that aren’t being talked about, and improve your communication. Through authentic, emotionally safe communication, you can restore your bond, and learn how to work together as a team.

In addition to couples counseling, I also have expertise in sex therapy and can help both couples and individuals work through issues related to sexuality. If you are having trouble connecting to your partner sexually, if you and your partner have mismatched levels of desire, if you are carrying old and unhelpful messages about sex, if you feel insecure when it comes to sex, or are questioning your sexuality, I can help.

Through safe, judgment-free, and compassionate conversations we can address these vulnerable things to help you connect with others the way you’d like to; emotionally, as well as sexually.

Individual Therapy & Coaching

I have experience in working with people from all types of backgrounds, and I especially enjoy helping people discover their talents and strengths and grow in positive ways. While I’m ultimately focused on helping you create a different future, I believe that it is important to understand yourself first. With that understanding, I can help you begin to create a new story for yourself: One where you’re in control and can create the type of life and relationships that you want.

I have experience in working with people who are recovering from traumatic breakups or divorces. I have found that the path of healing comes through finding closure, understanding why things happened the way they did, and learning from the experience. I’ve found that through this work you can grow as a person, and actually feel stronger and more confident going forward.

I also enjoy helping people develop high-quality relationships where they feel valued and respected. If you’ve been feeling disconnected from other people and like it’s hard to find a sense of belonging, I can help. If you keep dating the wrong people only to be disappointed, I can help you identify why, and change that pattern.

Most importantly, I can help you have a better relationship with yourself. If you’ve been struggling with low self-esteem, or feeling lonely, or have been engaging in self-destructive behaviors that you know aren’t good for you, I can help you make positive changes that help you feel good about yourself and your life.

Life Coaching & Creativity Coaching

In addition to my work with individuals and couples around matters of the heart, I enjoy helping people discover their gifts and create meaningful lives. In particular, as an artist myself, I feel a special kinship with other creatives looking to find a place in the world for their unique voice. I can help you find outlets for your self-expression, manage the anxiety and insecurity that many artists have, and build a balanced life that is respectful of both your art and the demands of daily life.


About Me


I grew up in the Pacific Northwest on the Olympic Peninsula and spent the first 25 years of my life living in various parts of Washington State. I also lived in Germany for a year in my teens and was very grateful to have the experience of living abroad for some time. I moved down to New Mexico in order to complete my Ph.D. at New Mexico State University and fell in love with life in the desert.


I currently live in Fort Collins, Colorado and have been enjoying all the natural beauty that Colorado has to offer. I’ve been playing guitar and composing original music since the age of 15. I continue to be actively involved in the music and art communities where I live. Playing music is my greatest form of self-care in addition to being outdoors walking and hiking with my dog on a regular basis. I also greatly enjoy writing short stories and poetry in my free time. These activities are crucial to me in order to stay grounded in the midst of a busy life.


I hope that my collection of personal and professional experiences are useful to you in your journey to improving your personal wellbeing and strengthening your connections with others.



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