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Design Your Life

If you’ve been feeling stuck lately, or dissatisfied with some aspect of your career, your life, your relationships, or your results…. congratulations. You are on the cusp of a transformational growth moment.

All forward momentum requires motivation for change. Wanting more for yourself means that you’re ready to begin a new, exciting chapter in your life. A chapter where you are in control, and empowered to fearlessly create the life and career you want.

We’re here to help you find your way forward, and create real results and lasting change through strategic career coaching, evidence-based, effective therapy and powerful life-coaching.

It’s a Brand New Day

If you’d like to feel happier, and more confident, we can help you find your way back to joy.

If you want more fulfilling relationships, we can help you create authentic connection.

If you’re struggling with a difficult transition like a breakup, divorce, or other challenging life event, we can help you heal, grow, and rebuild.

If you want to let go of unhealthy old patterns, and cultivate a new you we can help you craft the life your “best self” wants to live.

No matter what has brought you to the cusp of this particular growth moment, we’re glad you’re here. Our personal transformation experts offer a positive, productive and effective blend of therapy and life coaching to help support you on your journey of growth.

We Specialize In:


  • Improve Your Relationships
  • Cultivate Emotional Intelligence
  • Heal After a Breakup or Divorce
  • Learn How to Love Yourself


  • Be Happy Again
  • Conquer Depression & Anxiety
  • Feel Confident and Strong
  • Create a Joyful Life


  • Discover Your Passion
  • Create a Fulfilling Career
  • Overcome Obstacles
  • Achieve Your Goals

Our Approach To Career Coaching, Life Coaching,

& Effective Therapy



We help you uncover your strong, resourceful, and powerful self and restore your confidence in your ability to do great things. We help you uncover your strengths, and empower you to take positive action on your own behalf.


Postive action is only helpful if it’s attached to authentic meaning. Every life coach and career coach on our team also has a master’s degree or doctorate in mental health. They can help you dig deeper, and get to the core.



While the self-discovery process is an essential part of any meaningful growth work, insight is not enough to change your life. Our action-oriented, solution focused approach helps you make the real world changes that will move you forward.


We only use only evidence-based tools, techniques and strategies that have been shown by research to be the most effective and straightforward approaches to helping you create real and lasting change in your life.

Meet Our Fort Collins, Colorado

Personal Growth Expert

Maggie Graham

Maggie Graham


Maggie is both a therapist with many years of experience in helping people heal and grow. She is also a certified life coach who specializes in career coaching and leadership coaching, and helping people achieve personal goals. Her kind, supportive, yet empowering approach helps you uncover your true self, move past self-limiting beliefs, identify the obstacles in your way, and move confidently forward into the life and career that you want. Learn more about Maggie…

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  • We offer day, evening & weekend appointments.
  • Our s, CA office is convenient to Santa Monica, CA, Venice, CA, Hollywood, and Los Angeles, CA
  • Travel? Have kids? Hate LA traffic? We offer online video sessions too.
  • Schedule your free consultation online, or call our 24/7 receptionist for live help.

We’re Affordable

  • Our effective approach gets you results in fewer sessions
  • Our rates are reasonable, and we have sliding scale options
  • If appropriate, we can help you use your insurance
  • We accept payments from FHSAs
Tammy Gaiter

Tammy Gaiter

Client Services Team

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