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Love Your Relationship

All couples have rough patches — times when things feel harder than usual, or another arguement always seems to be simmering under the surface. Many couples who have these normal experiences fear that something is wrong with their relationship. Not so. Friction, disappointment, even resentment are all simply signs that you’ve arrived at a “growth moment” for yourselves, and for your relationship.

No one teaches us how to have thriving, healthy, satisfying relationships. We just fall in love, and allow things to unfold. Inevitably, every couple will discover that just “winging it” is not enough. There comes a time when we need to learn, work through our own stuff, and grow if we want to have amazing relationships. If you’ve been having discord between you… that growing time is now. Our online marriage counseling programs & relationship therapy offer the convenience of making relationship progress on your own time, and at a very affordable rate.

At Growing Self, we take a holistic approach to online marriage counseling and relationship therapy. First, we’ll create a safe space where you both feel understood and respected, so that productive conversations about what’s working (and what’s not) can happen. Once we discover what’s at the root of the conflict or disconnection, we can work together to build upon the strengths in your relationship to create positive and lasting change.

No matter what circumstances have brought you to the cusp of this growth moment, we’re glad you’re here. Our expert marriage counselors and couples therapists can guide you to a new level of connection, communication, and authentic satisfaction in your partnership.

Why Online Marriage Counseling or Online Couples Therapy?

It's Easy.

Modern life is challenging for everyone, but especially busy professional couples with kids at home. Who has time for another meeting? Online Marriage Counseling or Online Couples Counseling allows you to meet with an expert marriage counselor in the privacy of your own home at a time that’s convenient for YOU. No driving. No baby-sitters. Brilliant.

It's Accessible.

We work with couples all over the world. If you’re living abroad or in a rural area, online marriage counseling or online couples therapy may be the only choice if you’re living in a place where such services are not readily available. If you’re looking to improve your long-distance relationship we can help. Three-way video calls are our specialty.

It Works.

For nearly a decade, Growing Self have been pioneers in online marriage counseling, online couples counseling and online relationship coaching. Our effective, evidence-based approach is all about getting you results in the shortest amount of time possible. Just read our reviews…

Online Marriage Counseling | Online Couples Therapy

No matter where you are, we’re always here for you.

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It's A Brand New Day

For Your Relationship

Our Approach To Online Marriage Counseling &
Online Couples Counseling



We help you harness the power of your strengths. We honor and respect the past, but also help you design a positive, happy future. We focus on your opportunities, your strengths, your values, and how to create positive changes that will make you both happy.


Our experts are marriage and family therapists who are also trained as life and relationship coaches. Our holistic approach is flexible. Depending on your needs we can help you go deep, to get to the core of the issue. When the time is right to take action, we’ll help you design a concrete plan to achieve your goals.



We help our clients get real results, and make lasting change in their lives – not just talk about it. Our approach is always tailored to meet your needs, and focused on what will move you forward into the next stage of your evolution, both personally, and as a couple.


Our experts have at least a master’s degree or doctorate in counseling. We only use effective, evidence-based techniques that have been proven by research to create positive change such as Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and The Gottman Method.



Meet a Few Of Our Relationship Experts

The marriage counselors, couples therapists and premarital counselors of Growing Self have specialized training and years of experience in helping couples reconnect. We use only evidence based strategies that have been proven by research to help you restore your strong bond, and love your relationship again.




Hunter Tolman

Hunter Tolman


Hunter is an exceptionally warm, compassionate couples counselor and therapist who has specialized training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy as well as family systems. He helps individuals gain self-awareness and move past self-limiting patterns, and helps couples achieve deeper levels of communication, connection, and commitment. He can help you both to understand yourselves, and each other, so that you can create new, positive ways of relating that heal your bond.



Amanda Schaeffer

Amanda Schaeffer


Amanda is a Marriage Counselor, Premarital Counselor and Family Therapist with a warm, gentle style that will help you both feel comfortable, respected, and understood. She has a gift for helping couples and families understand each other compassionately, feel emotionally safe, and learn how to relate in positive new ways that allow them to start enjoying each other again.




Teresa Thomas

Teresa Thomas




Teresa Thomas is a marriage counselor and couples therapist with years of experience in helping couples communicate more effectively, find new solutions to old problems, repair their strong bond, rebuild trust after affairs, successfully blend families, improve their sexual intimacy, and parent joyfully together. She is a couples therapist and parenting coach with a positive, solution focused style who specializes in helping you both make positive changes to your life, as well as to your relationship.



Meagan Terry

Meagan Terry



Meagan Terry is a relationship specialist. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over nine years of experience in helping couples reconnect, and enjoy each other again. She uses effective, evidence based forms of marriage counseling including Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy and The Gottman Method. In addition to working one-on-one with couples, she teaches our Lifetime of Love premarital and relationship class.



Seth Bender

Seth Bender



Seth Bender is a marriage and family therapist with specialized training and experience in helping couples heal their relationships, improve communication, release resentments, and achieve new levels of enjoyment and fulfillment with each other. He practices Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy to help you strengthen your bond, as well as positive, empowering and solution focused coaching strategies to help you both take positive action in your relationship.  



Dori Bagi

Dori Bagi



Dori is a kind, empathetic couples counselor, individual therapist, and life coach who specializes in sex therapy, and helping couples create healthy emotional and sexual intimacy. Her friendly style makes it safe to talk about anything, and her solution-focused approach helps you move past the past, and into a bright new future of intimacy and connection.


Polly Drew

Polly Drew


Polly is a marriage counselor with over 25 years of experience in helping couples "come back from the brink," heal their strong bond, and enter into a positive and satisfying new chapter of life together. Her warm, competent style will put you both at ease and help you find new solutions to old problems.

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We’re Affordable

  • Our effective approach gets you results in fewer sessions
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Jordan Blackwood

Jordan Blackwood

Client Services Manager

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