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Kristi Helvig, PhD, LP, CPC | Career Coach | Executive Coach | Online Life Coach | Psychologist

Kristi Helvig, PhD, LP, CPC

Positive, Empowering, and Solution-Focused

“Hi, I’m Dr. Kristi Helvig. I’m a Clinical Psychologist and Certified Professional Coach (CPC). I have both a Master’s Degree and Ph.D. in Psychology from Nova Southeastern University, and I’m licensed as a Psychologist in Colorado. I have over 15 years of experience in helping adults, teens, and couples use their strengths to overcome their obstacles through a blend of coaching, powerful cognitive-behavioral techniques, and solution-focused strategies. My range of professional experiences is vast, including having been the lead psychologist for the Mental Health Center of Denver.

Years ago, I discovered my passion as a Career Coach and Life Coach, where I assist you in finding the clarity, direction, and strategies to move you forward in your life, both personally and professionally. Whether you want to excel in your current profession, transform your career, or start your own business, I can help you identify the concrete steps to get you there. I use career and personality assessments to help you get deeper insight into your strengths and abilities.

In addition to my work with private career coaching clients, I work closely with organizations to help their teams manage job stress, improve their personal productivity, and develop more cohesive and satisfying working relationships. I particularly enjoy helping high-achieving people function at the highest level of their potential doing something they love.

No matter what kind of coaching we do together, I believe in a collaborative relationship where we work as a team to develop the best course of action for your specific goals. We break down the goals into manageable action steps that bring you progressively closer to your objective. I’m a believer in “homework” meaning we create smaller goals that you complete in between sessions, so that we can address unexpected obstacles along the way. Through our coaching relationship, we can turn your dreams into reality.”

Dr. Kristi is available to meet with you across the US and internationally through online video.



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