Life Coaching Questions

What Can a Denver Life Coach Help ME With?

People seek Life Coaching for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes our clients have specific concerns that they want to resolve, like loosing weight, changing careers, or developing healthier habits. Sometimes people come to Life Coaching because they want to feel happier, more productive, or more in control of their lives.

What’s The Difference Between Coaching and Counseling?

People often wonder what the difference is between coaching and counseling. There are many differences, as well as many similarities. While coaching and counseling are the same in that both provide you with a helpful relationship with a person to support your wellness and growth, coaches and counselors can have significant differences in their training, approach, and intention.

Here’s an overview of the two professions, highlighting similarities and differences:

What to Expect in Your First Coaching Consultation

Deciding to reach out and take the plunge into Life, Career, Relationship or Dating Coaching can be a big decision. On the one hand making that first appointment can feel exhilarating. You're finally doing something! Now, the next step is to get prepared for that first meeting. Truthfully, connecting with your very own coach means that you're embarking in a new, possibly long-term relationship. It's important to find the right coach, and asking questions to ensure you're with the right person is essential. They're also going to have questions for YOU, so get ready!

Here's what to expect in your first coaching consultation meeting, so that you can prepare…

Evidence-Based Coaching

Not all approaches to coaching are the same, and not all people calling themselves “coaches” are qualified to help you. Research shows that some approaches to creating change work, and others don't. If you're thinking about getting involved in life coaching, it's wise to educate yourself about different approaches so that you can connect with a qualified expert who is genuinely competent to help you. 

How Does Therapy Work?

A great life coach is priceless — having a supportive partner to motivate you, challenge you, and help you become your very best self is invaluable. But at Denver’s Growing Self Counseling and Life Coaching it’s also affordable. This is because we believe that meaningful, effective personal growth work should be accessible to everyone: Both in price, and in convenience.

Does Insurance Cover Coaching?

Interested in getting involved with coaching, but wondering if insurance will cover your sessions? The short answer is… sometimes. Learn more about when Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Dating Coaching or Career Coaching can be covered by insurance, and when it can’t.

How Does Life Coaching Work?

Life Coaching with an expert life coach is a structured process of figuring out who you are and what you want, what obstacles have been holding you back, learning what to do to overcome them, taking positive action, and them maintaining your gains over the long haul. Here’s more in-depth information about what the process looks like at Growing Self Counseling and Life Coaching…

How Long Does Life Coaching Take?

Most people get what they need out of Life Coaching in between 8-16 sessions. People who are highly motivated, “active learners” can go through the process more quickly.

At the start of coaching it is helpful to meet weekly at least a few times, so that you can begin getting traction towards your goals. Once you’re making progress and keeping up your motivation, you can meet with your coach every two to three weeks so that you have plenty of time to work on your assignments between sessions.