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How Much Does a Life Coach Cost?


A great life coach is priceless — having a supportive partner to motivate you, challenge you, and help you become your very best self is invaluable. It is impossible to calculate the true value of making real and lasting change in yourself, your relationship, or your career in terms of dollars-and-cents cost. Having a life full of Love, Happiness and Success are valuable beyond measure. However, at Denver’s Growing Self Counseling and Life Coaching its also affordable. This is because we believe that meaningful, effective personal growth work should be accessible to everyone: Both in price, and in convenience.

For this reason we keep our prices for effective life coaching well below the national average. And our “accessibility mission” means that we make working with us easy and convenient in every way. That’s why we are always available to meet with you through online video conferencing whether you live in Denver, in one of Colorado’s beautiful mountain towns, across the US — even internationally.

Our Rates For Life Coaching

Because of our mission to make growth work accessible to everyone, we keep our rates very low. Depending on who you work with in our practice, your rate per session will be between $105 and $150. We have more experienced coaches who tend to have higher rates, and we also have more affordable coaches. Some of our more affordable coaches offer income based sliding scale rates starting as low as $65 per session, which means that your cost for your sessions will be in line with your budget.

Furthermore, you will never be asked to sign a contract requiring you to complete (or pre-pay for) a certain number of sessions in advance. We don't do cookie cutter coaching packages because everyone is different, and we honor your unique needs and circumstances. We provide effective coaching, and we’ll prove the value of our services through our work together — session by session.

For more detailed information about our pricing, and to see the rates of specific providers on our team, please visit our rates and insurance page.

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Creating real and lasting change in yourself, your relationship or your career is not an event. It's a growth process that happens over time when you partner with an effective coach or counselor who can help you gain self awareness, learn new skills, and take action to get better results.

The first step in this life-changing journey is to schedule a first meeting. You can meet in-person or online with the expert of your choice to discuss your hopes and goals, and make sure it's a good fit before moving forward.

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