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Design Your Life

Life Coaching • Career Coaching • Executive Coaching • Dating Coaching

Have You Been Stuck?

When you know what you want (but can’t seem to make it happen) it’s incredibly frustrating. We’re here to help you channel that frustration into the motivation, and action, that will move you forward.

Our expert coaches can help you get clarity, discover your passion, and take the action steps that will make your dreams a reality.

Move Forward, Confidently.

You can create meaning, achievement, health and happiness. We can help you identify the obstacles that have been holding you back, and cultivate the strengths that will help you break free.

Our powerful, effective, evidence-based coaching gives you the tools you need to climb to the top of your mountain.

Real Results. Lasting Change.

We're Effective.

Our Expert Coaches:

  • Have years of education and experience in evidence-based personal growth strategies
  • Have Master’s Degrees and / or Doctorates in addition to coach training
  • Utilize a variety of tools and assessments to give you clarity
  • Tailor their approach to fit your needs
  • Provide accountability, guidance and structure

We're Easy.

We offer:

  • Convenient office locations in Denver, DTC, and Broomfield Colorado
  • Easy online videoconferencing options
  • Early morning, evening and weekend appointments
  • Affordable sliding scale rates
  • A free consultation session

What Our Clients Have to Say

Just knowing that you were going to ask me about my homework made me do it. I did things with you that I couldn’t do on my own.

Former Life Coaching Client

Thanks, thanks, thanks. It feels like my life’s work is just about to begin.

Former Life Coaching Client

WEEKS after seeing Dr. Bobby, I achieved my goal of finding a career that suits me perfectly. I’m still in disbelief of how quickly it all happened.

Former Career Coaching Client

Make It Happen.

Through Powerful, Effective Love, Life and Career Coaching

Life Coaching: Design Your Life

When you want to make changes, but feel stuck and discouraged, it’s easy to start feeling paralyzed. But you don’t have to figure everything out on your own.

Great life coaching is a lighthouse: A partnership that guides you to new ideas, new strategies, and new options. You can break free from the past, and create the successful new reality you deserve.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching: Discover Your Passion

Professional career counseling and career coaching gives you clarity about your ideal career, through personality assessments, interest inventories, and thoughtful questions.Then, we partner with you to make that dream a reality.

Our expert career coaching helps you write your resume, network effectively, ace interviews, and negotiate your way to the top.

Career Coaching

Executive Coaching: Live Your Dream

Entrepreneurs, executives, leaders and visionaries are on a quest to make their dreams a reality, and we are here to help them.

We work with successful professionals all over the world, helping them advance confidently in their careers, become more effective and inspiring leaders, be better communicators, be more productive and organized, be better able to handle tricky office politics, and — most importantly — achieve healthy work / life balance.

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Dating Coaching: Find The One

In the age of “technologically enhanced dating” it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. To be successful at modern dating requires strategy.

Relationship experts are the best dating coaches. We’ll help you put your best foot forward, leave your first dates wanting more, and build a healthy new relationship that will last a lifetime.

We offer dating coaching in Denver and Broomfield Colorado, and online dating coaching across the US and internationally. Looking for an affordable alternative to private dating coaching? Try our “Find The One” online dating coaching program.

Online Coaching

Let’s Meet At Your Place

In addition to serving our clients in person, at our Denver and Broomfield Colorado locations, we meet with clients across the US and internationally through online videoconferencing. Since 2009 we have been pioneers in online life coaching, with years of experience in making online coaching as positive, productive and effective as our in-person services.

We offer online life coaching, online career coaching, online executive coaching, and online dating coaching.

Design Your Life

The Life Coaching Class

Looking for an affordable, effective alternative to private life coaching?

Check out our “Design Your Life” coaching class. This powerful, transformational class lead by master coach Brenda Fahn, M.A., LMFT, walks you through the process of gaining clarity, direction and motivation.

You’ll identify the obstacles that have been holding you back, and create an action strategy to launch you forward.

Would You Like to Talk?

Help Yourself to a Free Consultation Session

Meet in-person at our Denver / Cherry Creek, Broomfield or Denver Tech Center locations. We're also available across the US and internationally
through online video.

Let's Do This.

For Free, Right Now: Have a "mini-coaching session" with Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby to uncover the obstacles that have been holding you back, and learn the secret to creating real and lasting change in your life.

Start Changing Your Life Right Now:

Our online "Happiness Class" is the affordable alternative to private therapy or coaching that teaches you how to transform your life from the inside out. 

Over fourteen info-packed video"sessions" with Dr. Bobby you'll learn how to take charge of your mind, body, and emotions and create a life you love.

Best yet, it's all available for less than the cost of one private session with Dr. Bobby, and you can start right now.

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Growing Self Counseling & Coaching