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It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.

Tony Robbins

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Are You Stuck?

Are you spinning your wheels? Do you want to make changes in your life, but feel it’s hard to get traction? It’s easy to get discouraged when you’ve been trying everything you know how to do to make changes, stay motivated, and move forward… but nothing seems to work.

When you are not living up to your potential, when your life isn’t matching your dreams, or when you’re not achieving deeply important goals it’s easy to feel like you’re failing. You compare yourself to others. You beat yourself up. You feel dissatisfied, and frustrated. Or worst of all — like you’re failing yourself.

Frustration = MOTIVATION

Here’s the good news: Authentic motivation is born when you are sick and tired of staying stuck. one. more. day.

When your pain is transformed into motivation it creates life-changing energy. Motivation makes you leap out of bed and run towards your goals like there are wolves chasing you.

Motivation makes once impossible goals seem achievable. Motivation propels you into taking positive action, and taking risks – like reaching out for support.


We Help You Harness The Power of Your Motivation

To Create Real Results, and Lasting Change



Our Life Coaching is powerful, and effective. We blend the depth of therapy with the focus of strategic coaching to help you understand yourself, find new solutions to old problems, and break through the limitations that are holding you back.


We help you take control of your life, and create the success you deserve. By helping you get clear about your heart’s desire, connecting you to your passion, and harnessing the power of your motivation, we help you become an unstoppable force.


You have strengths, talents and abilities that you may not even know about. We’ll help you uncover your hidden potential and help you grow the most wonderful parts of you. Cultivating your strengths gives you the power to overcome your challenges and start living at a higher level.


We help you get clear about who you are, and what you want. Then we help you create an actionable plan to make your dreams your reality, step by step. We walk along side you, cheering you on, holding you accountable, and keeping your motivation strong… all the way to the finish line.

Just knowing that you were going to ask me about my homework made me do it. I did things with you that I couldn’t do on my own.

Former Life Coaching Client

Success Is Within Reach

Your Motivation Has Already Brought You This Far

Your motivation led you to take action, and start learning about Life Coaching. It brought you to us. Let it carry you into taking the next step and get in touch. Then we can work together to keep your motivation strong, your actions effective, and your path to success bright and clear.

dr kristi helvig denver career coach

Dr. Kristi Helvig, CPC

Dr. Helvig is a Certified Coach, specializing in career coaching, executive coaching, and personal productivity coaching. She’s a master at helping you break through old obstacles, and take the positive action that will change your life.

denver life coach lisa marie bobby

Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby, LMFT, BCC

Dr. Bobby is a Board Certified Life Coach, specializing in Love, Happiness and Success Coaching. Dr. Bobby has a warm, friendly style that will help you uncover new solutions to old problems.

Brenda Fahn, M.A.

Brenda Fahn is a Love, Life, and Dating Coach, who helps you achieve at a higher level. She focuses her clients on the solutions that will bring meaning, satisfaction and authentic joy to their lives.

Jessica Small, M.A.

Jessica is a Life Coach, Relationship Coach and Dating Coach. She teaches our “Let Love In” Dating Class. Jessica helps you uncover your strengths, and develop a solid plan to change your life for the better.

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