Just “Talking About Things” Won't Change Your Life.

Many people come to us frustrated or underwhelmed by their previous experiences in therapy. They feel like they need something more. Fact is, there's a “secret sauce” that traditional therapy is lacking — as well as a novel solution that will help you actually change your life.

What's the big secret? Authentic happiness comes through doing things differently. Ever heard that old saying, “Your life will change when you do?” Yep — there it is. Until you begin incorporating new practices into your every day life, you won't feel any differently… and you'll keep getting the same results.

But it's still important to gain self awareness about what kinds of thoughts, feelings and behaviors you need to change. Our novel solution? Rather than teaching the same skills to everyone (and wasting your precious one-on-one time in therapy or coaching) we outsourced it.

The online Happiness Class is the “skills workbook” we use here at Growing Self. It's all about teaching you, specifically, what do do differently — and how. I recently decided to make the program available to the public, and I'm excited to share the skills and strategies we teach our private clients with you.

You Can Start Changing Your Life Right Now.

Take the introductory Happiness Class, for free right now. Learn about the foundations of happiness, and how practical strategies can start changing your life today.


Feeling Inspired? Learn More:

Learn more about all 12 of the information-packed classes here: www.the-happiness-class.com. Are you already feeling empowered from taking the first class? Want to keep going? Enroll now and get immediate access to the entire course.

Are you thinking that someone you love could benefit from these ideas, and wishing they would take the Happiness Class? Gift it to them! You have the power to help them change their lives: Learn more about giving your friend or loved one access to The Happiness Class (or private counseling or coaching sessions).

And, if nothing else, I hope that learning these basic ideas about the relationship between your thoughts, your feelings and your behaviors gives you a new sense of control and empowerment to create the life you want to live.

All my best,
Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby