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All couples go through “rough patches;” fork-in-the-road moments that can feel hard, or even scary. Communication breaks down, resentments build, and a new fight is always simmering just under the surface.

It's okay. This is normal. No one teaches you how to have an amazing relationship. No one knows what they're doing — we all have to figure it out as we go. This rough patch is simply a sign that you both have a glorious opportunity to learn about yourselves, learn about each other, and learn how to make your relationship happy, healthy and whole.

We believe that relationship conflict is an opportunity for connection; a “growth moment” that will launch you into a new era, both personally, as a couple and as a family. Couples who have been given the chance to finally learn how to intentionally cultivate a great relationship through expert couples counseling, often come out the other side of this stronger and more satisfied than untested couples.

Your time has come.

Our expert San Francisco marriage counselors, couples therapists, premarital counselors and relationship coaches are here to show you how to cultivate the connection you want, and guide you both on this exciting journey of growth… together.


It's a Brand New Day

For Your Relationship

We're Here To Help You Both:


  • Improve Your Communication
  • Repair Your Strong Bond
  • Heal After Infidelity
  • Stop Fighting, Start Understanding
  • Create Alignment Around Values & Priorities
  • Develop an Emotionally Safe Relationship
  • Reconnect With Your Love For Each Other
  • Strengthen Your Commitment
  • Learn How to Work as a Team
  • Parent Healthy, Happy Kids Together
  • Develop a Shared Vision For Your Life
  • Support Each Other's Hopes and Dreams
No matter what has brought you to the cusp of this particular growth moment, we’re glad you’re here. Our realtionship experts offer positive, productive and effective marriage counseling, couples therapy, premarital counseling and relationship coaching to help support you both on your journey of growth.

Our Approach To Effective Marriage Counseling, Couples Counseling & Premarital Counseling



Our supportive, non-judmental experts help you build bridges to connection. We focus on the strengths in your relationship, to restore the compassion, hear each other's “noble intentions” and cultivate love, respect and appreciation for each other.


It's never about the trash. Or the bacon. Our experienced marriage counselors help you dig underneath the surface to reach the core of the matter, to heal old hurts and change your relationship on foundational levels.


We believe that successful marriage counseling or couples therapy goes beyond “just talking.” Our active, dynamic approach helps you make real-world changes to your communication, interactions, and behaviors.


We only use evidence-based forms of couples counseling and marriage counseling shown by research to be effective; including Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and The Gottman Method.
“Having a third party guide the conversation and ask us questions we might not otherwise ask ourselves has been very helpful for both of us. Instead of fighting, we are having useful conversations and making changes as a result.”
- Former Couples Counseling Clients

Meet Our San Francisco, CA Team

Of Relationship Experts

Dr. Georgiana Spradling

Dr. Georgiana Spradling


Focused, Effective, Experienced

Dr. Georgiana is a multilingual Marriage and Family Therapist, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Relationship Coach, and Life Coach. Whether your preferred language is English, Spanish or French, her strategic, results-oriented approach to relationship coaching, dating coaching, life coaching and therapy will move you forward. Learn more about Dr. Georgiana…

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Tammy Gaiter

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